Magic the Gathering 1 Kaya Variant B CGC 9.8 4/7/21

Released 4/7/21
Every copy of Variant B ordered will be polybagged and include one of three intermix variant covers: Liliana Vess (Miguel Mercado), Sorin Markov (Magdelena Pagowska), or Kaya the Ghost Assassin (Taj Tenfold).

These will be filled as is as long as there are not certain ratios.  There is currently no indication these are ratios and will be random so they will be sold at direct price.
If they are ratios then I will reach out to people asking if they want to pay the additional difference separately and they will get first dibs.
If these end up being ratios the buy one get one half off will be honored against other directs in the same transaction but will not be applied to multiple cover Bs of this book or against another ratio not eligible for buy one get one half off.

This is a CGC 9.8 guaranteed presale and cannot be cancelled once the release date has passed and the books have been sent to CGC due to grading costs.

All CGC 9.8 presales will be submitted via Standard Grading which takes 6-8 weeks once CGC checks the books into their system.  This does not include the time it takes to press, prescreen, ship and CGC to receive the books in their system. Or the time it takes for the books to ship back from CGC to us.

Additional delays may occur due to damages and incomplete order fulfillment at the distributor level.
Orders with books on multiple release dates will be filled once all books from the order are received.   

If you have multiple orders open then an early partial shipment may be sent in combination with another order to help speed things up a little in that instance.

If this is a time sensitive gift, we have a large selection of in stock CGC slabs that dont require a wait time for grading.
Type: B21F
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