Red Sonja Empire of the Damned 3 Cosplay Variant CGC 9.8 Pre-Sale


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RED SONJA EMPIRE DAMNED #3 CVR D COSPLAY DYNAMITE (W) Steve Niles (A) Alessandro Amoruso (CA) Cosplay In the thrilling continuation of Steve Nile's Red Sonja: Empire of the Damned, join the fiery redhead and her new companion Luna, as they brave the desert sands in search of the lost kingdom. Through the rough winds of a sandstorm, meet alongside Sonja a mysterious pair of twins, and an old man, who might just be the key to finding the valley that Sonja seeks. What dangers will our favorite heroine meet in such a harsh climate? What peril and despair are likely to fall upon her now? Find out all this and more in the next exciting installment of the series, coming this June!
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